Jabber (also called XMPP) is an instant messaging-, respectively chat-service and therefore an alternative to Facebook-chat, ICQ, MSN or similar services.

Contrary to the services mentioned above, we neither retain your contents nor your connection data.

To set up a connection to our server, you need a chat program. For using Jabber, there are different ones. For example Pidgin (Windows/Linux), Adium (OS X), ChatSecure (iOS and Android)

Connection data

Server:     jabber.chaostreffbern.ch
Port:       5222 (STARTTLS)
Conference: conference.chaostreffbern.ch
Proxy:      proxy.chaostreffbern.ch
STUN:       stun.chaostreffbern.ch (noch ungetestet)

Our server only allows encrypted connections.

Service is still in alpha state!
We do not have a valid certificate until start of letsencrypt.

How-To: Jabber and Pidgin


Domain Rating
jabber.chaostreffbern.ch xmpp.net score (2015-10-31)
jabber.chaostreff-bern.ch xmpp.net score (2015-10-31)
jabber.chaosbern.ch xmpp.net score (2015-10-31)
conference.chaostreffbern.ch xmpp.net score (2015-10-31)

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