Sticker Exchange

Ever since our very first meeting, we are maintaining a sticker exchange.

Everyone is welcome to feed our sticker exchange with additional stickers. Since it is a sticker exchange and not a sticker archive, people are also encouraged to take stickers out - any stickers they like and as many as they want!

To protect the valuable stickers from damage, we keep them in transparent plastic bags.

Stickers sorted in transparent plastic bags

Over the years, the sticker exchange has reached an unprecedented scale. This has inspired various systems for organizing the stickers. The most basic of which is to loosely sort them into two categories which are kept in separate boxes - politically motivated stickers and ones which are not politically motivated.

Two transparent plastic boxes filled with stickers

We have found however, that this does not satisfy our desire for order. Thus we have started grouping related stickers into folders. As of now, we have four folders:

  • Operating systems, sorted by alphabet
  • Programming languages, sorted by alphabet
  • Events, sorted chronologically
  • Groups (hackerspaces, Chaostreffs, LUGs, ...) sorted by alphabet by their home town

Three open folders with stickers sorted into transparent inserts Close up of a folder holing a number of Chaostreff Bern stickers