CCC-CH Gettogether on September 19, 2015 in Bern

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2015-07-09

Once every few months, the CCC-CH has a gettogether, a meeting of the Chaostreffs and hackerspaces. During the meetings, we discuss interesting topics that are of interest to the CCC. Members can present their latest projects, we plan events and trips. The gettogethers are rotated between the CCC-CH members, resulting in them taking place in a different location every time. This presents an opportunity to visit different hackerspaces und meet other hackers.

Gettogether in September in Bern

For the september 2015 gettogether, the Chaostreff Bern inivites the CCC-CH. Since we don't have our own hackerspace where we could meet, the meeting will take place in the denk:mal in Bern.

The autonomous school denk:mal is a place for selforganized and self-determined learning. All courses are for free and nobody become any money for that. Additional informations can be found on their homepage.

The denk:mal is located at Lagerweg 12, 3013 Bern.

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By foot, it's about 10 min from the Bern main station. If you'd rather not go by foot, you can take the bus, line 20 from Bern main station (the bus only travels in one direction, so you can't possibly take the wrong one) and exit at the station 'Lorraine', from where it's another 200m to the location.

The day of the meeting, 2015-09-19 is a Saturday and since we don't want people to have to get up early, the meeting will start at 14h. The agenda items can be found online in a pad. There will be people in the denk:mal before 14h, so those who want to come in early to meet people, to hack and discuss are welcome to do so.

Invitation for dinner

We invite everyone to come and eat dinner with us before the meeting starts. The denk:mal has a big kitchen that we can use. We will make Spaghetti with different sauces (including ones for vegetarians and vegans). We will eat at 12:30, so those arriving at 12h have enough time to come to the denk:mal. To give us an idea of how much we have to cook, we ask everyone who wants to come eat, to register via email to chaosbern [at] If you have allergies and similar, please let us know in the email. Please send the email before 2015-09-18 23:59:59.