CCC-CH Gettogether am 23. April 2016 in Bern

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2016-03-22

Once every few months, the CCC-CH has a gettogether, a meeting of the Chaostreffs and hackerspaces. During the meetings, we discuss interesting topics that are of interest to the CCC. Members can present their latest projects, we plan events and trips. The gettogethers are rotated between the CCC-CH members, resulting in them taking place in a different location every time. This presents an opportunity to visit different hackerspaces and meet other hackers.

Gettogether in September in Bern

On Saturday, 2016-04-23, the next CCC-CH gettogether takes place. This time around, we host it in Bern again:

Location and travel

Details on the location and travel can be found on our dedicated page.


Like last time, we invite the attendeeds for Lunch befor the meeting. We are not sure yet what exactly we will cook, but it will probably be Spaghetti. Lunch starts at 12:30 so if you arrive at Bern main station at 12:00, you have enough time to travel to the Güterstrasse. You can register for Lunch online.

There is also Club Mate and an assortment of other beverages including various beers, Cola, apple juice and Bitter lemon.