Talk: An introduction to Blockchain technology

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2016-01-15

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin. Without it, the popular crypto currency would not exist. In fact, almost all processes within modern crypto currencies can be explained from the viewpoint of the blockchain. But today, the blockchain technology can be used for usecases outside of the financial world, too.

This talk will give an introduction on blockchain technology. To get started we will look at the aim of the blockchain and then we will see how a typical blockchain works to achieve that aim. On the basis of the Bitcoin Blockchain many important propperties will be explained; How is a consensus achieved, how does the blockchain protect against double spending, how does the proof of work work, how does a pruning client work, how does the network identify transactions.

To get a better understanding, we will compare the Bitcoin blockchain to the relatively modern blockchain of Ethereum. On the example of Ethereum, we will see how blockchain technology can be used to implement more advanced functionality, even outside of the financial sector. Ethereum is also a great candidate for a discussion on hardware miners.

This talk will have a focus on blockchain technology. Functionality which is part of Bitcoin or Ethereum but is not involved in the blockchain will not get covered.

We organize this talk in cooperation with the Research Center of Digital Sustainability of the University of Bern and the LugBE. If you come to see the talk, please register in the LugBE calendar beforehand. You can also find further information and a flyer on the university website.

The talk will be held on 2016-02-18 from 18:30 in the room 105 of the main building of the University of Bern, Hochschulstr. 4, 3012 Bern, 1. floor. Please note that the talk will be in German.