BÜPF: Call for collecting signatures

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2016-05-27

The deadline for the BÜPF referendum is in just over a month. If until then, we don't have 50'000 signatures - collected and verified - this questionable law will go into effect. For our privacy's sake, it is essential that the referendum is successful and the people of Switzerland can vote on this new version of the law.

Unfortunately, until now, we have far too few signatures. If we want to prevent this law from going into effect, now is our last chance. So it is now time to go out to the streets and collect signatures.

The Digital society has created a video on the topic of surveillance. It presents the related problems in a clear and pregnant form. The video has been posted on a number of platforms where you can like or share it: Twitter Facebook Youtube Vimeo

If you want to engage in the effort of collecting sigantures, please check out our page on the subject.