Collecting signatures for the BÜPF Referendum [update]

by Berner Chaoten on 2016-03-29

As mentioned in the press release from March 23, the national council has second the revision of the BÜPF. BÜPF stands for "Bundesgesetz zur Überwachung des Post- und Fernmeldeverkehrs", which translates to National law concerning the surveillance of postal and communication services. To stop this worsening of the already existing law, all we can do now is to let the people of Switzerland vote on the matter. But for that to happen, we have to collect enough signatures (50'000) for the Referendum to be successful.

On a national scale, the signature collecting of CCC-CH members is coordinated via The Chaostreff Bern is of course supporting the campaign. To help with the task of collecting signatures, we have setup a tool on our dedicated page on the BÜPF. It can help you find a good date and some companions. There is also further information, some tips and a large list of links on the topic.


The Referendum committee provides a mailing list dedicated to the coordination of collecting signatures in the region around Bern. Use it to find people to go collect signatures with, to coordinate on dates and places or to organize larger drives. You can subscribe to the list online.