Chaostreff Bern is now a member of the CCC-CH

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2015-06-16

During this years Chaosversammlung, the CCC-CH's general assembly, the Chaostreff Bern got accepted as a member of the CCC-CH.

As a member of the CCC-CH we can participate in all discussions and decisions. To represent the Chaostreff Bern in the Chaosversammlung we have to appoint two envoys. Since noone else applied for the positions on the mailing list, Tobias and Niklaus Hofer are going to take the posts for the time being.

Also we have to pay a fee of CHF 5.- per member of our Chaostreff and year to the CCC-CH. The transferal of the money has to be done before August 1st. This is also the case for the currently running year. Tobias will collect the money and transfer it in the name of the Chaostreff Bern. Since we are not officially an association and don't have a member list, we ask those to pay, who feel themselves associated with the Chaostreff Bern and who agree with the ideas of the CCC-CH. Tobias will not be able to attend any meetings during the month of July, which is why we ask everyone to hand him the CHF 5.- before the end of June.