CCCamp Swiss Village call for donations

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2015-05-06

Every fourth year, the Chaos Computer Club organizes a big camp, the Chaos Communication Camp or CCCamp. The last camp was in 2011, so the next one will take place this summer from 13th to the 17th August 2015. The wiki contains all the informations on the camp.

The camp is organized in villages, which are organized by the respective communities. For the CCC-CH village at the upcoming camp, we would like to rent a big tent. The tent will be our village center, a place to tinker and hack, to meet, to discuss, cook and eat. Those who were with us at the last camp know what I mean. The tent will also provide protection from the weather. Beside the tent, we'll also need tables and benches (or chairs) for people to sit and work on.

The final prices for the tents have not been announced by the CCC yet. Based on last camps prices we are able to provide a rough estimate of around 900 Euro.

Everybody can decide for themselves whether they want to help pay for the costs. I do however think that it would be nothing but fair if everyone who plans to be part of the village, would pay their part. We don't want to pinpoint an amount, but we recommend that everyone pays 35-45 Chfr. The tent needs to be payed in advance, so we'd rather people paid sooner than later.

Those who want to help pay for the tent, please send their money via electronic transfer to the following bank account (the village is organized by the CCC-CH, which is why their bank account is used to collect the money):

Bank:                PostFinance
Account number:      60-605459-2
IBAN:                CH54 0900 0000 6060 5459 2
Name:                CCC Schweiz
Reason for payment:  "CCC Camp Zelt"

(Do not forget to enter the reason for payment!)

If you would like your name to be listed publicly, add the following line to the reason for payment:


We'll inform the mailing lists as soon as the targeted amount has been reached.