Chaostreff on Jan. 12th at the Güterstrasse 8

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2015-12-16

In the second week of January 2016 (the week of January the 11th), the Chaostreff will take place on Tuesday, 2016-01-12 at Güterstrasse 8. On Thursday of the same week (2016-01-14) there will be no Chaostreff at the Brass!

For some time now, we have been looking for a new location for the weekly meetings.

At Güterstrasse 8 we have found a room that seems to be suitable. In January we will have a Chaostreff meeting there to give people the opportunity to look around and experience the location themselves.

About the room

The room belongs to the Wohnbaugenossenschaft Warmbächli who are in the process of repurposing the old industrial building into modern living and working space. The room has, amongst other things:

  • A lot of space with tables, chairs and couches
  • It's heated
  • Power
  • Internet
  • A meeting room with a beamer
  • A selection of beverages
  • A big kitchen
  • Ping Pong table
  • Foosball table

All this comes at a price. Renting the room costs us CHF 50.- per evening. We do however believe that this is totally worth it, especially when considering the rather high prices we pay at the Brass. Also remember that the meetings would only take place at the new location bi-weekly.

Pictures of and further information about the room can be found here.

Getting there

The room is located at Güterstrasse 8 on the second floor:

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You can get there either by Bus or by tram:

  • Bus line 11 (direction Holligen) to the end stop (Holligen)
    • 6 minutes travel by bus
    • From there it's another 3 minutes walk
    • There's a bus every 6 minutes
  • Tram lines 7 (direction Bümpliz) and 8 (Direction Bern Brünnen Westside)
    • 7 minutes travel
    • From there it's another 5 minutes walk
    • There's a tram every 3 minutes

There might be small stones or other obstacles on the street. It is thus advisable to be wearing good shoes.

Too complicated?

The meeting will start at 19 o'clock, as usual. Those who want can travel to the new location directly. Those who are afraid to get lost, can meet vimja at the main station in Bern and then travel to the new location with him.

Meeting point is under the Baldachin in front of Bern main station at 18:40. vimja will carry an object of recognition (a Pesthörnchen flag or similar). The group then starts heading out at 18:45.


The building is locked from 18 o'clock. We are not yet sure about how to handle this. But you can make our lives easier by arriving before 20 o'clock. Ths smokers usually go out to smoke in groups. So this should not be a problem.