Irregular general assembly on 2018-03-27

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2018-03-11

The executive board of the Chaostreff Bern announces an irregular general assembly.

As always, the general assembly will be held during our regular meeting. This time it will be about the details of renting a new room.

  • Agenda:
    • Decision on renting a room in the first place
    • Costs related to renting the room
    • Financing the room
    • Basics rule for access to and usage of the room
    • Furniture and equipment
    • Choosing a suitable room
    • Delegating the choice of a room

More details on the topics can be found in the Pad, which is written in markdown to make printing easier.

Our assemblies are public. Anyone can participate in the discussions. However, only members of the Chaostreff Bern are allowed to vote.