Announcement: 2016 keysigning

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2016-03-08

In the one year that the Chaostreff Bern has been around, a lot has happened. Possibly most important, we have met a lot of amazing people. So it seems appropriate to have another run of PGP keysigning. This will hopefully help with getting to know one another and make secure communication easier.

With this we are also trying to motivate people who are not yet using PGP to get active and improve their security. This is why we plan enough time for new users to inform themselves, create their keys and get used to the system. Of course we are happy to help with questions and problems at the Chaostreff and on the mailing list.

The procedure is explained in detail here (German only) but will largely be the same as last year. With the one difference that we now have a propper location for doing this.

To register for the keysigning, send the output of gpg --keyid-format LONG --finger print <> to chaosbern [at] before Sunday, 2016-04-03, 20h. The actual keysigning will take place at the Chaostreff on Tuesday, 2016-04-05 from 20h.


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