Keysigning, retrospect

by chaosbern (at) on 2015-04-30

As planned, the keysigning took place last Thursday (2015-04-23). Of the eleven people who had registered, ten turned up. By now, most of the participants have signed all keys and sent the signatures out.

As you'd expect from the Chaos Computer Club, we caused a bit of chaos, too. Reading out the long fingerprint in the restaurant's full garden was rather antertaining. Also, because there was not enough room, we were unable to execute the ordered process of identifying each other. Instead, we formed a wild huddle of people all trying to identify each other.

For future parties there's room for improvement. The process of sending in the key information to sign up for the party has not worked out all that great. I forgot to update one of the keys on the list, despite the owner reminding me to do so. Another key was not displayed propperly (luckily in such a way that it did not pose any security risk). The CCC-ZH has, in the past used a software that automates and simplifies the sign-up process through the use of a web interface. For future events, we'll consider this as a solution. I also had to learn, that sending UTF-8 attachments in an email is not the best of idea. Various email clients would either change the encoding when saving the attachment, or they'd try to reformat it, both of which alter the fingerprint of the file.

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the keysigning