New website

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2015-05-03

One of the requirements for the Chaostreff Bern's website is, that it has to be static, meaning, that no code should be run on the server. All pages delivered to the user have to exist in their final form on the server. The reason why we want that is, to protect the server. With a static website, there is no PHP interpreter to be attacked and no database to be injected.

The first website we had was written by hand and didn't have any CSS or Javascript. Because of that, the website di not exactly look great. It also wasn't very practical to add new content to it. Especially adding in multilanguage support made linking the menu a pain.

There are a lot of tools that can generate static websites. Tobias who was already familiar with Pelican, wrote our website from scratch, using Pelican. The new website looks a lot better than the old one, but also brings with it a bunch of new features. Writing articles in multiple languages is now easer. The website is now also optimized for mobile devices and it features RSS and Atom feeds as well as an iCal calendar.

A big thanks to Niklaus for all the content, to Tobias for writing the new site, to Strix for providing the RSS icon and to Cirrax for the hosting.