Introduction to I2P

by jem on 2016-09-20

Anonymity is a very important property on the internet for various reasons. The best-known and most used network to prevent surveillance is TOR (The Onion Router). But as monopoly-like circumstances are undesirable for many reasons, taking a look at alternatives such as I2P is always worthwhile.

The Presentation should give a short introduction to I2P and show what it is, how it works and what it can be used for. As cryptography is an important part of anonymous communication, basic knowledge about it will come in handy.

Jens, who will be holding the presentation, wrote his Bachelor Thesis about I2P during his study at BFH, especially focusing on information gathering about the network and analysis of potential security issues.

The presentation will be held at the next Chaostreff, on Tuesday 2016-09-20 from about 8 pm, at our usual meeting location Güterstrasse 8.