Chaostreff meeting at the Pfadi Patria

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2016-03-01

On Tuesday, 2016-03-08, the room at the Güterstrasse 8 is not available. This is why the meeting on that day will take place at the home of the Pfadi Patria in Bern. It is located approximately 2 minutes from Bern main station at Mauerrain 5. The meeting starts, as usual, at 19h.

For those who don't want to search the way on their own, we assemble at the main station from where I will leed the group to the location. We assemble on the Welle at 18:45 and start walking at 18:50. For recognition I will be carrying a Pesthörnchen flag.

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