T-Shirt Design [2nd update]

by Drrrrr Strix! on 2015-11-18

When we first decided on a logo for the Chaostreff Bern, we also wanted to create T-Shirts. Finally we have gotten together some designs. Please discuss them on the mailing list and at the meetings. We will decide on the final version on the meeting on 2015-11-26.


As a result of the voting, we chose the design below for our first print run of T-Shirts:

Logo für die T-Shirts


We will print the T-Shirts on Saturday, 2015-11-28. [2nd update] Because of technical difficulties, the printing of the T-Shirts will note take place at the scheduled date. As of now, we do not know for how long it will be delayed. A new date will be announced here and on the mailing list [/2nd update] Strix will prepare the screen. Everyone can bring and print their own T-Shirts, backpacks, towels, whatnot. Where and at what exact time this will take place has not yet been decided. We will announce it on the mailing list.

Those wo can't come to the printing event themselves but still want an item printed can bring the items to the next meeting (2015-11-26) and give them to us. We will then print them and bring them back to a meeting at a later date.

The costs of the colors rather depend on the interest. There will be black and white for sure but Strix can also bring some other colors if that is desired.


Check out these fancy designs (click to enlarge):