Announcement: VIM workshop

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2017-04-30

Tl;dr: The VIM workshop will take place on Saturday, 2017-05-20 from 14:00h at the Güterstrasse 8.

Despite it's age and special usability concepts VIM, Vi IMproved, is still one of the most popular text editors in existence. There are numerous tutorials and introduction, still many users shy away from learning VIM. Yet there are many advantages of using VIM, even when compared to some of the most modern text editors. VIM's efficient usage concept can save a lot of time and nerves.

For these reasons I will hold a VIM workshop. There are a number prerequisite for participating. This is so we don't have to start from the very basics. The prerequisite are:

  • A computer (laptop)
  • VIM needs to be installed
  • Participants must have completed vimtutor

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Replace
  • Search and replace
  • Visual mode
  • Yank & Paste and registers
    • Yanking and pasting to and from system buffers
  • marks
  • Buffers
  • working with multiple windows
  • An assortment of useful plugins

The workshop will take place on Saturday, 2017-05-20 from 14:00h. It will be held in our usual location at Güterstrasse 8. There is no need to register for the workshop.