Workshop: construct a RFID-Zapper

by Niklaus 'vimja' Hofer on 2015-10-08

Kusi will give a workshop at the Chaostreff Bern. In this workshop, the participants will build a RFID-zapper - a device to electrically destroy RFID-tags. No prior knowledge of the subject is required to visit the workshop.

This Youtube video gives a first instruction of what will be done.


Those who are interested in participating can register online: Please note that this form is publicly accessible. If you would rather not register that way, you can send an Email to Kusi instead. Once known, the exact date and location of the workshop will be announced on the mailing list.

Things to bring

The participants should bring some equipment:

  • Unused one-way camera with a flashlight
  • A case for the zapper (at least the size of a match box. For some models, the zapper can be fitted into the camera's case)
  • soldering iron (if you have one)
  • (flat blade) Screwdriver (big/small)

Material wanted

We would be glad if someone could provide some additional soldering irons. We assume that not all the participants will have their own.

Also Kusi is still looking for good options for the case and would be glad if someone could provide some pointers.